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Headed by Malaya Khandelwal, the faculty comprises people with very bright academic records. Trained to instil excellence amongst students, each faculty is handpicked to deliver in a very professional yet personalised manner.

To be able to relate to student issues, small and big, with a holistic purview, will be the centripetal force, the faculty is committed to provide.

Smart Classroom

smart classroom

Early Bird is the pioneer of the first technologically enhanced classroom for mathematics learning in the country. The idea behind SMART classrooms is to engage students in a lesson through intriguing audio-visuals on a multi-media system, such that it opens up the whole world as a source of inspiration and education. On one hand, it aids in enhancing retention power, on the other it sparks excitement towards learning. Simply put, integrating technology into the classroom helps to prepare students for the complex world they will face after graduation.

In a conventional education system, when a student misses a class, or does not understand a concept, or needs revision of a topic, it becomes a challenge. At Early Bird, we provide a solution which involves video recording and playback of classes for students for any additional help.


Comprehensive assessments for complete analysis

At Early Bird, we encourage students to channel their efforts in the right direction through intelligent evaluation practices. Our assessment platform allows students to obtain instant results, get detailed performance reports, identify weak areas and get smart tips for improvement.

The detailed analysis evaluates student’s performance on various grounds such as difficulty level, topic level, their overall standing and hence personalizes learning for individual student. Our analytical tools help in improving both speed and accuracy of students through individual question and time analysis.