Early BirdEarly Bird

The Early Bird story

After several years of experience in mentoring students and professionals at different levels, the founders of ThinkC have come together to initiate a renaissance in the way education is delivered.

Our Mission

As a company, Early Bird is not just about the best education material or faculty in the country. It’s more about innovation in the way education is delivered, with a long term perspective of career building. We strive to adopt the latest, most effective and modern techniques used globally. The pedagogy aims at producing mental adaptiveness conducive to growth and excellence.

As mentors, we at Early Bird believe in shaping lives. We are here to reach students at different levels of the the education ladder, and transform the way they think and learn. Apart from our belief in delivering the best education, our central focus is to bring out the best in students at an early age, and make them realize their true potential.

Our Vision:

Through Early Bird, we aim at addressing a wrinkle free education in Mathematics on a large scale social platform. A voluminous team of thinkers and educators will sustain, promote and synthesize a melodious train of mathematical learning, innovatively. We strive towards building a society that is mathematically armed and connects better with nature.

Our Mission:

To create a nationwide network of Early Bird outfits with a view to remedy Math issues early in life. Content ,delivery and technology will confluence, aiming to adaptively synergise with young minds giving them a potent maths edge. Conventional learning will get garnished.