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Early Bird aims at helping young callow minds mature into accomplished problem solvers. Our objective is to help you tune to apt career frequencies early in life. Early Bird will include and supplement Mathematics taught to class IX and X students, which will not only cover board exams but especially gear them up for the challenges ahead. The outfit is a specialised Mathematics boutique that will stitch your career designs on a rich fabric.

A Short Glimpse of the path ahead

Malaya Khandelwal, one of the founders of Early Bird && ThinkC, illustrates very briefly, using examples, the direction that must be adopted towards learning Mathematics the right way.

An extended arm of thematic thinking can go far, very far towards structuring the mind Mathematically.

The Early Bird initiative focuses on navigating the young minds through a sojourn of exciting skills that may not have developed through regular coursework. It aims at bridging the gap between secondary school and senior secondary school, to make the transition smooth. The student would find himself better geared to face the challenge of competition ahead of him. Whether the student wants to pursue Engineering, Medical, Commerce, Law or an MBA, or be it anything else, the program would set the required foundation. Logic structures would be ensconced to augment the routine academic foundation. The confidence developed at junior level will go a long way towards spelling success.

Engineering aspirants:

Those aiming to make it to the top tier Engineering colleges need to have a rock solid foundation in Mathematics, well before the plus two storm dawns upon them. A couple of layers over existing education imparted conventionally in schools will keenly participate in bridging the gap between class X and class XI.

MBA aspirants:

Most people aiming to bell the CAT, in order to make it to the IIMs start preparing once they are in college. One of the deciding sections in CAT is the quantitative section. This section comprises questions in Mathematics primarily based on topics covered in class IX and X. A special problem solving skill is required along with a good comprehension of the subject. The last phase over which the skill could develop is class IX and X. While in junior class one has greater latitude to learning and grasping things. It’s best to not procrastinate skill development and experience misery later in life.

The Law entrance:

CLAT, an exam that takes you the premier law schools of the country, has, over the years caught appeal with the masses. A section on logical reasoning and quantitative skills in this test plays a vital role in the selection process. An early foundation to this preparation seems indispensable.

Finally, in general and at large... No matter what you want to pursue and where you want to be, adapting your mental state to Mathematical and analytical thinking will set you apart.

‘A fourth dimensional Mathematics learning awaits you.’

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